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Keynote Speaker, Influencer, Socially Conscious Entrepreneur, Author, Licensed Therapist & Trauma-Informed Coach

Are you stuck?
I’ve been there…

There is a message in what you are going through.

Listen carefully and understand it, so the lesson does not have to keep repeating itself. 


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I was lost –

In 2006, I was 22 years old and a new college graduate with absolutely NO IDEA what to do next. The Great Recession had just begun, so there was very little opportunity for employment. I “did everything I was supposed to do” after becoming an adult, but was still completely without direction.

I had untreated mental health issues...After surviving abuse in my childhood, I turned to drugs and alcohol use in order to cope with the lingering effects of trauma the best way I knew how. Like many young people, I self medicated with substances until I developed an addiction in my teenage years. Even though I managed to remain relatively “high functioning”, it was all hanging by a thread.

I was unhappy working a corporate job...After getting started in the mental health field working for a corporation, I clocked 70 hours a week and still felt like I wasn’t doing enough. I was giving all of my time and energy to a company in hopes this would fill the hole left by a lack of meaning and purpose in my own life, but it didn’t. When I presented my passions and ideas for pushing the mental health services forward within those companies, I was ignored and even bullied for “challenging the way things are done.”

Many things have changed in my own life since those days, but life in modern society is far from perfect for the citizens of the world as a whole. 

The health needs of many community members are still largely unmet and the governing bodies responsible for meeting those needs have largely faltered.

Rates of mental health issues have reached staggering levels since 2020, with rates of addiction increasing 13% and other mental health issues like depression increasing by an estimated 300%.

People did not develop through history to live in dystopian concrete jungles. We evolved as a human race to create meaning and purpose TOGETHER – looking out for our neighbors through committed group effort using the power of the village. If I did not answer my own “calling” into the wilderness for several years after my undergraduate degree, then I would not have discovered this path that I now share with others. 

Everything you always wanted is on the other side of a purpose-driven life and you are the ONLY one who can blaze this Path. It's time to be your own Hero.

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How to (Hu)Man Up

Heal Yourself & Save the World

Based on his own life experiences and healing journey, Logan decided to devote his work to serving those who are going through their own difficult life transitions by empowering them to break through barriers left from old unresolved wounds, heal themselves, and re-align with their life’s purpose for creating shared meaning with their own gifts as a valued community member.

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Sometimes we get thrown SO far off Balance that it is hard to keep going...

These moments tend to involve a few repeated themes that we cannot see for what they are because we are so used to our "comfort zone"  – the patterns that help us feel safe & in control from moment to moment, but also keep us STUCK. When this happens, those "blind spots" just keep throwing us off of our game and many times we even wonder, "Am I missing something?" 
In this situation, it can be helpful to go to the source in order to make sure we are doing EVERYTHING possible to get the desired results. Whether it is troubleshooting a unique barrier resulting from getting stuck in a "blind spot" or something that we are aware of but just CAN'T seem to get past, a Personalized Online Life Coaching session can provide the answers you need to work through whatever is blocking progress in your Life. 

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 “As a middle aged man this book helped give me a context for the way I look at my life and others. I was not taught a male role model as a child that relates well to society today; and perhaps did not pass on one to my sons that fits in a 2020's mentality. I particularly enjoyed some of the end of chapter exercises; especially Chapter 8. For me life can stay very busy and full but I sometimes lose focus on purpose, especially the self focus on what that truly means and looks like. If I am not doing right by "me" I cannot do right by others. I also enjoyed the historical cultural and anthropological context that the author provided. The reality that we are ever evolving "animals" is something that I know I lose context for in the proverbial rat race we live in. This book provided me a framework for my role in a current personal as well as service context.”

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