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Personal Life Coaching 

Author, Licensed Therapist, Trauma-Informed Coach, Content Creator, Socially Conscious Entrepreneur

Sometimes we get thrown SO far off Balance that it is hard to keep going... These moments tend to involve a few repeated themes that we cannot see for what they are because we are so used to our "comfort zone" - the patterns that keep us STUCK. When this happens, those "blind spots" keep throwing us off of our game and sometimes we even wonder, "Am I missing something?" 
In these times, it can be helpful to go to the source to make sure we are doing EVERYTHING possible to get the desired results. Whether it is troubleshooting a unique barrier or getting stuck in a "blind spot", a Personalized Online Life Coaching Session can provide the answers you need to make sure sustainable balance becomes a part of your life.

Below are some common areas of change that clients have interest in:


Self-Regulation: Learning to regulate (calm down) the Body in order to create peace through stressful experiences in daily life, as well as think more clearly about navigating difficult situations with more grace to most strategically meet one's personal goals.


Emotional Awareness: Identifying a wide range of emotional experiences in self and others, as well as how those emotions relate to personal needs.


Communication & Self-Advocacy Skills: Learning to express personal wants and needs assertively, clearly and compassionately.


Relationship Discernment: Developing the skills required to identify the many differences between healthy versus unhealthy relationships.


Identification of Purpose: Defining the direction of one's day-to-day life to include a systematic focus around personal values, goals and unique gifts to improve the quality of everyday living for self & those around us.

Identification of Relationship Abuse: Learning to identify a wide range of manipulation and coercion tactics that underly abusive relationships – whether there is physical abuse present in the relationship or not.


Creating Healthy Boundaries: Learning to define & communicate the clear lines that determine what is acceptable versus what is not acceptable in regards to meeting standards that define your personal integrity.


Please also keep in mind the stipulations regarding any legal/ethical implications for coaching versus therapy here.

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***Prior to Booking a Coaching Session with Logan please sign the REQUIRED Coaching Agreement***
***Prior to Booking a Coaching Session with Melissa please sign the REQUIRED Coaching Agreement***
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Speaking and Training

In addition to one on one coaching, Logan is available for speaking engagements and has developed a series of self-guided trainings. If you are interested in booking Logan for a speaking engagement or any other general questions please visit the connect page and reach out to Logan directly through email.

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